DipWell Reviews

DipWell was built to have a home salon at a professional grade. Allen, the company’s CEO, ensures that the company’s intention will give a much more convenient home manicure than coming to a beauty salon.

DipWell Reviews
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Further, this company is 2 years old now! It gains much attention because it offers nail powder rather than nail polish. It has the first collaboration with Cheetos, resulting in a brave shade with the same color as the snack. 

In addition, you’ll love using the colors because they are available in over 200 shades. You don’t even need a UV light to cure the products. Yet, it is long-lasting, allowing you to have it for over 2 weeks without a chip! 

Presses have reviewed this company’s vegan-friendly products. They include PopSugar, BuzzFeed, BYRDIE, Marie Claire, etc. Also, it has over 97.4K followers on Instagram and Facebook! 

So, if you want to know more, stay tuned to this DipWell review till the end. But now, let’s move on to the following section for reasons to purchase nail care from the company. Without any further ado, let’s jump right into the next section! 

Why Shop at DipWell?

As discussed, this section will explain why this company is worth checking out. Before preceding any problem, find the reasons on the following list. 

Why Shop at DipWell?
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So, take a look closer!

DipWell Highlights 

  • A company offering home mani at affordable price
  • Made and tested in the USA 
  • Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free
  • Offers highly-pigmented 200+ shades 
  • NO UV LED is required, and it is odorless
  • It lasts over 2 weeks 
  • Provides one-pack and bundles 
  • 90-day liquid warranty 
  • Ships domestically 
  • Receives good feedback from customers 

What's On DipWell

This company is famous for offering a variety of shades. You can create your own bundle and save 25% on this package. Other than that, what products can you buy from it? 

What's On DipWell
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facebook.com/dipwellnails https://facebook.com/dipwellnails

Here are the 6 categories you’ll find: 

Nail Care Nail Powders
Nail Liquids Dip Powder Kits
Limited Edition Collection Gift Cards 

Further, our DipWell review will elaborate on the all-rounders below: 

Therefore, let’s dig into the first product now! 

DipWell Dip Nail Liquid Kit Reviews

Say hi to the best-selling Dip Nail Liquid Kit. It is the equipment you need to save over $1,000 from a salon manicure. The set features 5 products you’ll need from the first to the end of the coloring session. 

DipWell Dip Nail Liquid Kit Reviews
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dipwell.co https://dipwell.co

Here is the 5 product explanation: 

  • Bond: to prevent lifting and keep the manicure long-lasting 
  • Base: prepare your nails before applying powder smoothly 
  • Activator: to cure the nail powder without using UV/LED light 
  • Sealer: to seal complicated layers without chip 
  • Brush Cleaner: to clean unwanted residue during coloring application 

Therefore, are you ready to transform your home manicure into a salon-grade using the kit? 

DipWell Sealer Reviews

Some of you may not need the kit simultaneously. Luckily, the company offers one-pack products such as this Sealer. The product is vegan-friendly and 12-free. In addition, you can use it without UV light. 

DipWell Sealer Reviews
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dipwell.co https://dipwell.co

This magnificent product will dry 10 times faster than nail polish. So, once you finish coloring, use this product on your nails. Therefore, you’ll see your nails secured with a glass-like finish and protected from harmful UV rays. 

DipWell Cheetos Color Dip Powder Reviews

This limited edition Cheetos Color Dip Powder promotes highly pigmented shade. It is a brave color made with an orange and yellow combination, supporting you to be more confident while facing obstacles. 

DipWell Cheetos Color Dip Powder Reviews
Image credit: dipwell.co
dipwell.co https://dipwell.co

This powder is long-lasting, with over 2 weeks without chipping. In addition, you can use the powder of up to 30 sets! It is odorless and easy to remove. So, if you want to show a bold side of yourself, look no further than buying this Cheetos shade! 

DipWell Classic Nail Powder Reviews

Classic Nail Powder is one of the best-selling shade collections of powdery nail polish. It offers over 200 shades, allowing you to choose your desired color. In addition, they are highly pigmented

DipWell Classic Nail Powder Reviews
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dipwell.co https://dipwell.co

You may use it for up to 30 sets, lasting over 2 weeks without chipping. But you only need 15 minutes to soak it off once you finish. Plus, it will add shine to your nails. This odorless product is also easy to use, even without UV light. 

DipWell Instructions

Are you ready to color your nails into the shade you love the most? Take a look at the following explanation and follow the procedure thoroughly! 

  1. Let’s start by applying a Gel Prep coat on your nails. 
  2. Let it dry within a minute. 
  3. Then, apply the Gel Base to all nails thinly. 
  4. Cure the base under the light within 45 seconds. 
  5. Apply another Gel Base. 
  6. After that, dip your finger at 45 degrees to your desired color. Tap off to omit excessive powder. 
  7. Cure the shade under the light within 45 to 60 seconds. 
  8. Next, use a brush to remove powder outside your nail texture. 
  9. Apply Gel Top to all nails. 
  10. Lastly, cure it under UV light for 45 seconds. 
  11. That’s it! Your nails are now getting more gorgeous. 

So remember that you can’t focus only on your face. Instead, give it a try to decorate your nails with beautiful nail polish. Finally, which shade do you like? 

DipWell vs Nailboo

A comparison between one brand and another brand allows you to choose the one you need. So here are the differences between DipWell and Nailboo: 

DipWell Nailboo
  • Founded in 2021
  • Based in Orange County, CA
  • Offers 200+ shades
  • 30-day return policy 
  • Remove in 10 minutes 
  • The founder’s name is well-written 
  • Founded in 2020
  • Based in Miami, FL
  • Offers 90+ colors
  • 14-day return policy
  • Remove in 15 minutes or so 
  • Unspecified founder 

DipWell Pricing

Are you ready to know how much the product costs? Find it on the following table now! 

Dip Nail Liquid Kit $41.99 $39.97
Sealer $11.99 $9.97
Cheetos Color Dip Powder $13.97
Classic Nail Powder $14.99 $11.97

DipWell Promotions and Sale 

  • Join the newsletter to get up to 20% off your first-time order
  • Create a bundle and save 25% off your order
  • Sign up for the Dipper Club to receive discount codes and perks 
  • Win a giveaway BYOB Pick-6 Kit for free and get another buffet set (two winners/month)
  • Free US shipping fee for orders over $35
  • All kits will get a free shipping perk 
  • etc. 

DipWell Pros and Cons

You may not satisfied if you only know the product explanation. Therefore, read on to learn more about the brand’s pros and cons: 


  • High-quality nail care for home treatment 
  • Cruelty-free, long-lasting, and easy to build
  • Vegan-friendly material 
  • Transparent company 
  • Ships to the US region
  • Free shipping for orders over $35 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 


  • No international shipping 
  • 10% restocking fee for returned orders 

DipWell Customer Reviews

This section will walk you through the testimonials. You’ll see how people react by giving ratings to their purchases. Can you guess whether the company obtains high or low ratings? 

DipWell Customer Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/dipwellnails
facebook.com/dipwellnails https://facebook.com/dipwellnails

To fulfill your curiosity, here are the ratings: 

Among satisfied customers, one of them says: 

I definitely love it! I can do my nails in my home only in an hour and do not waste half a day waiting for a salon queuw. Easy-to-use and great results!

This customer loves using nail care from DipWell because it is so easy to do it at home. Moreover, the result is fantastic! 

Another customer says: 

Love, love, love. It is a grey with purple undertones. I’ve received a lot of compliments. So easy to apply. I paired it with a glitter accent nail. My favorite so far!

This customer is so happy because the shade of nail powder fits her skintone. After that, she gets many compliments for having her favorite color! 

Simply put, DipWell is successful in making people delighted because of its high-quality products. Even better, the customers are willing to give high ratings, meaning they are satisfied with the purchases. 

Is DipWell Worth It?

DipWell is a worth-checking brand, allowing you to save over $1,000 from going to a salon. It manufactures a more convenient home manicure that you can afford. In addition, you can purchase any desired shade you love from many collections.

Is DipWell Worth It?
Image credit: facebook.com/dipwellnails
facebook.com/dipwellnails https://facebook.com/dipwellnails

You can even keep your nails healthy because the powdery nail polish is easy to use. So leave Reddit, log in to your account on the official website, and start buying your desired one! 

Where to Buy DipWell

You can start manicuring and coloring your nails by purchasing the products through the official website. Lucky you because you may get a free shipping perk when you fill in your cart over $35. 

In addition, the brand also has an official store on Amazon. You may choose between the two and get your desired beauty products now! 

DipWell Customer Service

Do you have more questions concerning the company? If so, the team will cover your back through these contacts: 

Further, the team can reply quickly if you get in touch through the Live Chat. But please be patient because you may experience a delay. Therefore, please wait patiently for at least 24 hours to receive the response. 


Dig deeper on DipWell

Do you have more curiosity? Look no further than reading the following section! 

How long does DipWell last?

Nail polishes from this company will last over 2 weeks. 


DipWell is indeed a magnificent company offering nail care for you. Its collections are made of vegan-friendly and cruelty products, which won’t hurt your nails, whatever shade you use. 

In addition, the company’s vision to encourage you to have outstanding nails is granted. You don’t have to spend $1,000 visiting a salon annually. Instead, trust this company and visit the official website now! 

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