VIORI Review

Ezra Kwong, Tszman Fisher, and four other founders of VIORI obtain the brilliant idea of creating a shampoo bar after the Red Yao Tribe in Southern China. This community is famous for its long hair with only a Longsheng rice water treatment. 

VIORI Review
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Then, the founders collaborate with the tribe to get the material sourced ethically at a premium rate. The results are high-quality products made with natural ingredients, cruelty-free, vegan, plastic-free, and phthalate-free. 

This new sustainable hair care lasts longer than liquid shampoo. You can use it up to 60 times with one bar! Further, its benefits are functional, from shampoo hair loss, strengthening, and rejuvenating to scalp cleansing. 

This company has no place yet in the press. But, many sustainable warriors who are also beauty enthusiasts fulfill its social media. As a result, it gains 94K followers on Facebook and 180K on Instagram. 

So if you want to know more about the shampoo and conditioner reviews, stay tuned to this VIORI review. First, let’s see why does this company worth your attention in the following section! 

Why Shop at VIORI?

When you know that VIORI founders aren’t the only ones, you may have more curiosity about the company. It is a perfect time to know more about the plus points of this hair beauty brand. 

Why Shop at VIORI?
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Then, here is the list: 

VIORI Beauty Highlights

  • Hair and body beauty company collaborates with Red Yao Tribe 
  • Shampoo bars and conditioners suit all hair types
  • Vegan, free of harmful components, and sustainable
  • Natural ingredients, cruelty-free, and ethically sourced 
  • Offers hair quiz to find your best choice based on the problem 
  • Provides subscription program monthly 
  • Ships internationally 
  • Gives back 5% to the Red Yao tribe in China 
  • Receives a 4.9/5 rating from all reviews 

What's on VIORI

VIORI Beauty LLC ensures to provide the best products so that customers won’t be dissatisfied with their purchase. Before placing an order, let’s dig deeper into the product categorization. 

What's on VIORI
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You may be curious about the products when you visit the official website. Yet, the company does not divide them into pieces. Instead, you will see them immediately: 

Shampoo Bar Collection Conditioner Bar Collection
Body Soap Bar Collection Dry Shampoo Collection
Men’s Hair Care Collection Pet Hair Care Collection 
Accessories Bundle Collection 

Further, this VIORI review will focus on the most-sold products below: 

Then, are you ready to be mesmerized by the product’s efficiency? 

VIORI Shampoo Bar Citrus Yao Reviews

Say hi to the best-selling Shampoo Bar Citrus Yao, which contains Longsheng rice water, cocoa butter, shea butter, and other natural ingredients. This citrus-scented product is handcrafted and vegan. 

VIORI Shampoo Bar Citrus Yao Reviews
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Furthermore, regular usage of this bar will moisturize, strengthen, volumize, and repair damaged hair. This shampoo is a perfect option for normal to oily hair types. It is also ethically sourced and cruelty-free. Therefore, you can use it regularly to experience the change. 

VIORI Shampoo Bar Terrace Garden Reviews

Do you have a normal to dry hair type? If so, this Shampoo Bar Terrace Garden lets you gently cleanse your scalp and increase natural shine. In addition, it features ethically sourced ingredients from Longsheng rice, aloe vera, shea butter, etc. 

VIORI Shampoo Bar Terrace Garden Reviews
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The shampoo is handcrafted and sulfate-free. You can use it regularly up to 60 times! Furthermore, this floral-scented bar will remind you of bamboo trails. As a result, you can relax for a while and give your body a me-time with ease. 

VIORI The Haircare Duo Bundle Reviews

Purchasing a bundle is somewhat more affordable rather than one only. The Haircare Duo Bundle contains one shampoo bar and one conditioner bar. It is a handcrafted duo that is suitable for all hair types. 

VIORI The Haircare Duo Bundle Reviews
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Moreover, you can relieve yourself because the products are vegan, cruelty-free, and free of harmful elements. It is available in 4 variants: Hidden Waterfall, Citrus Yao, Terrace Garden, and Native Essence. 

Its main ingredients feature Longsheng rice, aloe vera, cocoa butter, shea butter, and bamboo. Therefore, you may have a relaxation and wash cleanly to get smoother and healthier hair

VIORI Body Wash Soap Bar Serenity Reviews

Not only is the company offering shampoo and conditioner bars, but also it offers Body Wash Soap Bar Serenity. It is suitable for all skin types, allowing you to cleanse and moisturize your skin. With its vegan ingredients, it features all-natural ingredients

VIORI Body Wash Soap Bar Serenity Reviews
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It has a natural aloe scent fragrance that is free of harmful elements. The product is 120 grams, meaning you can wash it up to 45 times. So ensure you rinse your body thoroughly, and see the result effectively! 

VIORI vs Kitsch

The availability of shampoo bars is numerous in the beauty industry. Thus, people are confused about which one is better. To give you a better understanding, here is the comparison of VIORI and Kitsch: 

VIORI Kitsch
  • Founded in 2009
  • China-cultured products
  • Features Longsheng rice water from the Red Yao tribe
  • Free US shipping fee when you buy over $30
  • Available on Sephora and Amazon
  • Founded in 2010
  • Los Angeles-made 
  • Features rice water protein 
  • Free US shipping when you purchase over $35
  • Only available on Amazon 

VIORI Pricing

As discussed, the company offers one-time purchases and subscriptions. Here is the budget you must prepare to purchase the abovementioned hair and body care

  One-time Purchase Subscription
Shampoo Bar Citrus Yao $18 $12
Shampoo Bar Terrace Garden $18 $12
The Haircare Duo Bundle $36 $32.40
Body Wash Soap Bar Serenity $10 $9

VIORI Beauty Promotions and Sale 

  • Enjoy up to 33% off the subscription program 
  • Join the giveaway to get up to a $500 gift card 
  • Get a body soap bar serenity for free when you buy over $50
  • Free US shipping fee for orders more than $30 
  • etc. 

VIORI Pros and Cons

In the middle of this review, you need to know several pieces of knowledge concerning the brand’s pros and cons. Then, here it is: 


  • High-quality body and hair beauty 
  • Promotes hair growth and healthier hair 
  • Made of natural ingredients 
  • Ethically-sourced material from the original tribe 
  • Every bar lasts up to 60 times washes 
  • Ships domestically and internationally 
  • Free US shipping fee for orders over $30 
  • 30-day return policy 


  • No shipping to Russia, Iran, and Iraq

VIORI Customer Reviews

This section allows you to check whether the company receives shampoo negative reviews from customers. Without any further ado, let’s delve into the explanation below! 

VIORI Customer Reviews
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Surprisingly, all of the abovementioned products get high ratings. They receive a 4.9/5 rating from customers, which is a real rate because each has a different number of testimonials. Meanwhile, below is what a satisfied customer said: 

I love how this shampoo bar lathers and feels extremely smooth! My hair becomes healthy and clean for few days- which is longer than a liquid shampoo.

This customer is happy because her hair becomes healthier and smoother after using the shampoo bar. Further, the condition stays for several days! 

Another customer says: 

I love using the products! My hair is very smooth and healthy. Even my white and grey hairs haven’t been as noticeable since I use Viori.

This customer can’t stop smiling because the products are helpful. Her colored hair is now smooth and healthy! 

In short, the shampoo bar handcrafted with Longsheng rice water from VIORI is indeed functional. Therefore, customers are satisfied with the results and can’t stop repurchasing the products. 

Is VIORI Worth It?

Shampoo bar innovation is not new. Yet, most of you may search for its shampoo review Reddit or its review on YouTube. Hence, it is no need because VIORI is worth trying! Its sustainability brings us to love the earth more. 

Is VIORI Worth It?
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In addition, the natural ingredients and cruelty-free features are too impressive to skip. So whatever hair problem and type you own, look no further than cleansing it with this company’s products. Then, start shopping now! 

Where to Buy VIORI

This company considers many factors to reach customers. How so? It prioritizes your convenience so you can purchase the products through the official website. This access will send your package internationally, even to Canada. 

Further, you can get your hair care on the marketplace, such as Amazon. Live shoppers who want to check the quality may buy it from the near-me Sephora store. This accessibility allows you to choose your desired method. So, let’s place an order! 

VIORI Customer Service Number

Do you face a problem, or are you still confused about which product will suit your curly hair? If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact customer service via the methods below: 

Further, the team is available on Live Chat and direct messages on the social media’s official account. But please be patient since they may need 24 hours to answer your questions. 


Delve into VIORI

Having more questions? Fret not because the following section will answer your curiosity. Take a look closer! 

Does Viori shampoo help hair growth?

Yes, the Longsheng rice water ingredient will promote hair growth efficiently. 

Does Viori shampoo prevent gray hair?

This company does not provide a claim that the products may reverse gray hair. Yet, most of the Red Yao tribe’s hair becomes grey later than others due to the use of Longsheng rice water. 

How often should I wash my hair with Viori?

You can wash it between two to three days a week. If you have dry hair, washing once every seven days is recommended. 


Body and hair care bars are an innovative technology that makes you more sustainable. VIORI offers you the most impressive products with vegan, cruelty-free, ethically sourced, and free of harmful ingredients. 

You can also save money because the bar may last up to 60 times of usage. Therefore, are you ready to transform your hair into more healthy state? Visit the website and start ordering! 

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