Sonia Roselli Beauty Review

Sonia Roselli founded the skincare brand under her name, Sonia Roselli Beauty, in 2014. She is a professional makeup artist that prioritizes the client’s skin condition before applying the makeup. 

Sonia Roselli Beauty Review
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By creating this skincare, she tends to help mature and sensitive skin have more soothing and hydrating skin. In addition, the brand uses Japanese Water Bead technology in it. 

Currently, it features on allure, Style Me Pretty, InStyle, and Refinery29. Many fans of this MUA follow her step and become loyal customers. As a result, this brand has more than 10K followers on Facebook and 19.5K on Instagram. 

If you’re interested or a fan of this beautiful woman, read the Sonia Roselli Beauty review thoroughly! I’ll try my best to explain the brand’s reputation here. Now, let’s move to the following part ASAP!

Why Sonia Roselli Beauty?

Many skincare brands are selling hydrating effects on the market. However, Sonia Roselli Beauty offers products that the founder has tested. And it works significantly. 

Why Sonia Roselli Beauty?
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In addition, the items are cruelty-free and have not been tested on animals even once. You can trust this company because the founder wants you to be proud of your healthy skin. 

Even better, it promotes basic skincare that everyone must do because it can solve any skin barrier issues. Thus, you won’t experience sensitive skin issues and will have the most soothing and hydrating skin ever! 

What's On Sonia Roselli Beauty

In this Sonia Roselli Beauty review, you will dig deeper into the product review. Recently, the founder released two categories: Skincare and Pro Program

What's On Sonia Roselli Beauty
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Skincare is for skin treatment concerning the skin barrier. In comparison, Pro Program is for makeup artists who want to learn makeup techniques and branding. 

This article will focus on three items:

  • Water Balm Skin Prep
  • Water Oil Skin Prep
  • Japanese Cleansing Oil

Without further ado, let’s start with the first skincare review! 

Sonia Roselli Beauty Water Balm Skin Prep Review

Water Balm Skin Prep is the five-in-one hydration you can’t skip in your skincare routine. This item will be your moisturizer, serum, day cream, night cream, and makeup primer. 

Sonia Roselli Beauty Water Balm Skin Prep Review
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Japanese Water Bead technology features Ceramide to maintain your skin barrier. Furthermore, you’ll love applying it on your face because it contains Glycerin and Japanese Spring Water

This product works magically by blurring texture and gives a smooth effect with or without makeup. Even better, it is free of harmful materials, such as paraben, gluten, citrus, color addictive, and fragrance. 

Many makeup artists use this product to give a plump and supple effect. So, this cruelty-free skincare will free you from dehydration and stay hydrated for up to 12 hours


  • Made with Japanese Water Bead technology
  • Cruelty-free and free of harmful ingredients
  • Promotes hydration 
  • Suitable for all skin types 

Customers can buy it for a one-time purchase at $55.00. Or, subscribe monthly to have the item for $52.25. Thus, visit the link below and hydrate your skin immediately! 

Sonia Roselli Beauty Water Oil Skin Prep Review

The second product suits all skin types, even those with oily skin! Water Oil Skin Prep combines Japanese spring water and oils such as Sea Buckthorn, Argan, Jojoba, etc. 

Sonia Roselli Beauty Water Oil Skin Prep Review
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This item is unique because combining water and oil ingredients. However, both are relatable and can be used before makeup or bed

It will hydrate dry skin but not lubricate it. So not only will it soothe your face, but also it can be a great fighter to slow down aging. Plus, the product is fragrance-free, allowing sensitive skin to have a solution to skin barrier issues. 


  • Made of water and powerful oils
  • Fragrance-free
  • Promotes hydration and anti-aging
  • Suitable for all skin types

Then, get your wallet and purchase this skincare for $59.00 as a one-time purchase. Customers may also subscribe monthly for a more affordable $56.05!

Sonia Roselli Beauty Japanese Cleansing Oil Review

I know that double cleansing is popular nowadays. But the founder of this brand releases a JCO, Japanese Cleansing Oil, for once cleaning only!

Sonia Roselli Beauty Japanese Cleansing Oil Review
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It is a makeup and sunscreen remover featuring Italian Eucalyptus and Australian Bergamot. What makes this product fascinating is the pink liquid that comes from Vitamin B12. 

In addition, it won’t strip off your sensitive skin! Instead, this oil will gently clean your face effortlessly, and you only need a wet cloth to wipe your skin. 

Also, this cleansing oil features no harmful ingredients such as fragrance or color. So it is gorgeous, and you won’t need to cleanse your face twice daily!


  • Made of water and powerful oils
  • Fragrance and color-free
  • Removes makeup and sunscreen
  • Suitable for all skin types

Hence, click the link below to purchase this cleanser at $45.00. If you want to save more money, subscribe monthly to get it at only $42.75! 

Sonia Roselli Beauty Pro Program

The founder of this beauty company offers a Pro Program for makeup artists. This program consists of 6 business figures you can utilize for wedding and teaching makeup courses. 

Below are three primary things that the founder offers:

  • Online Video Courses
    Learn from anywhere and practice the makeup strategy from this Chicago professional makeup artist.
  • Done For You Guides
    The founder makes a Canva design specifically for you to make your wedding service brand, from contracts to price guides.
  • Stock Your Kit
    Buy soothing and moisturizing complexions from this beauty brand. Then, you can prepare plump skin before applying the makeup!

So if you’re interested in this program, visit the link below to sign up and get many Pro discounts! 

How Much does Sonia Roselli Beauty Cost?

Somehow, skin care is a significant investment that brings a lot of changes to your skin issue. Furthermore, this brand tends to offer affordable prices for all customers. 

The lowest skincare price you can afford is $22.00. At the same time, the most expensive one is $333.00, which is a skincare bundle. So if one thing runs out, you may purchase it without spending much on bundles. 

But the Pro Program price range is different. You will need at least $25.00 to buy Drop Lashes and up to $3,500.00 to join the Makeup Marketing MBA Course. 

How Do You Use Sonia Roselli Beauty Water Balm?

Water Balm Skin Prep is an all-in-one moisturizer you can apply after cleansing your face with a facial wash. Once your skin is nicely cleansed, take a nickel-sized amount on your finger. 

After that, apply it to your face by tapping the balm gently. Remember to spare five to ten minutes, leaving the skincare to absorb thoroughly. Then, you can continue your skincare routine to sunscreen and prepare for makeup! 

Sonia Roselli Beauty Pros and Cons

In this Sonia Roselli Beauty review, I’ll write the pros and cons of this company. So stay tuned, and don’t skip this part! I see you!

Sonia Roselli Beauty Pros

  • Provides Japanese-technology-based skincare and branding for MUA
  • Suitable for sensitive and mature skin
  • It solves skin barrier issues and gives hydrating effect
  • Cruelty-free 
  • Offers affordable prices
  • Provides a free class to learn essential skincare and makeup
  • Ships internationally
  • Free standard US shipping on orders of $125 or more
  • Provides 7-day return policy
  • Has many good feedbacks from customers 

Sonia Roselli Beauty Cons

  • Only accept returns on unopened and new products

Is Sonia Roselli Beauty Worth to Buy?

I know you must be confused about whether or not to buy products from this brand. But Sonia Roselli Beauty is a reputable brand with helpful skincare products. 

In addition, it features a practical Japanese Water Bead technology that can solve any skin barrier. The founder also ensures that all skin types can use it comfortably without resulting in another issue. 

You may even get free shipping when you buy more than $125+. So, I can say that this company is worth checking and worth purchasing to solve your skin barrier issues. 

How to Contact Sonia Roselli Beauty

Currently, you can contact the team in three ways. First, pop customer service an email to

Call the team at 312-371-8596 if you prefer live conversation. Customers may send mail to the following address. 

Mailing Address
3024 N Ashland Ave. #578909
Chicago, IL 60657

Where to Buy Sonia Roselli Beauty?

Skincare enthusiasts interested in this brand may purchase the products on the official website. Luckily, it ships internationally!

Furthermore, customers can earn many rewards and discount codes through the Loyalty Program and Affiliates. Don’t forget to visit the website and social media for other coupon codes and limited deals! 


Learn Sonia Roselli Beauty Better

You might be wondering about some cases, so here is the brand’s answer to your curiosity. 

Who is Sonia Roselli?

Sonia Roselli is a professional makeup artist and esthetician with more than 30 years of experience. Back then, she suffered due to her sensitive skin barrier issues. 

This beautiful woman intends to help you take care of your skin with simple steps and easy-to-use skincare. All of her products function as solving the barrier with moisturizing Japanese technology. 

Customers may also join a free 40-minute master class learning skin preparation and basic makeup. Therefore, you can dig deeper into mature skin treatment and avoid over-exfoliating your face! 

Is Sonia Roselli Beauty cruelty-free?

Definitely! The brand never tests all products on animals and is cruelty-free. 


You must do basic skincare if you face any skin barrier issues. Sonia Roselli Beauty will provide you with the most helpful skincare products with innovative technology. 

Moreover, it comes at an affordable price, but the effect is much more significant than the price. Therefore, let’s buy skincare immediately and solve your skin issues right now! 

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