Dermabeam LED Mask Review

Takashi Yanagi went through a skin problem for over 20 years. He tried many skincare products and improved after using light therapy. 

Dermabeam LED Mask Review
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In 2021, this man decided to launch Dermabeam. He intends to help people with similar skin issues as his results in a LED light mask

In addition, his product gets many spotlights from skincare enthusiasts who think that LED therapy mask is too expensive to purchase. So, Takashi offers a more affordable, great product for the money. 

Currently, it features Best Buy, WellSpa 360, Skin INC, FOX, Market Watch, and so on. Although new, the company has more than 5.7K followers on Facebook and Instagram. 

This Dermabeam review will discuss the brand’s guidance through the products and benefits. Therefore, let’s begin with the brand’s overview now! 

Why Dermabeam LED Mask?

This company has a mission to provide the best light therapy worldwide. So, it focuses on how beneficial the treatment is for individuals by doing deep research scientifically. 

Why Dermabeam LED Mask?
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In addition, the company offers two different light therapy in the form of masks and panels. The mask is only for the face, while panels can be used all over your body. 

The founder ensures that the LED light therapy is backed scientifically and is dermatologist-approved. Also, the product is well-made, and the light treatment is suitable for all skin types. 

The problems concentrate on acne, wrinkles, pore, hyperpigmentation, and sunspots efficiently. Therefore, customers can purchase the one they require the most to solve skin issues. 

What's On Dermabeam LED Mask

In this third section of Dearmabeam review, we will focus on the brand’s product classifications. Currently, the company offers eight categories.

What's On Dermabeam LED Mask
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Here they are:

Light Therapy Masks Light Therapy Devices
Skincare Monthly Skincare Subscription
Electric Stand Floor Stand
Wheel Stand Merchandise

But I will only do deep research on these two items:

  • Light Therapy Mask
  • Pro – LED Therapy Mask

So if you have an eye on these items, let’s dig deeper into the following section! 

Dermabeam – Light Therapy Mask Reviews

Say hi to the Light Therapy Mask can produce three lights to solve skin issues! This mask is made of ABS, PVC, and Silica Gel, allowing you to wear it comfortably. 

Dermabeam – Light Therapy Mask Reviews
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In addition, this touchscreen tech can result in 64 LEDs which is perfect for beginners who need a therapy mask. Red light functions to stimulate collagen, blue one is to kill acne-causing bacteria, and yellow one can reduce redness and inflammation.

Furthermore, this product is followed by a 100-day warranty policy. You can ask for a replacement if your order has a defective part. Even better, this product is suitable for all skin types! 

Haven’t I told you that this mask has goggles that protect your eyes? This protection will keep your eyes safe from the lights that can danger if you see them for a long time. 

So merely use it for 20 minutes daily for maximum results. Also, don’t forget to charge this dermatologist-approved light mask so that you can wear it for up to 1 hour.


  • Elastic due to ABS, PVC, and Silicon Gel 
  • It offers three lights and 64 LEDs
  • It contains a touch screen and googles protection
  • It suits all skin types and is approved by dermatologists 
  • Promotes solution to three skin problems
  • Offers a 100-day warranty
  • Promotes easy application for 20-minutes daily

Therefore, you can purchase this item for $199.99. But if you click the link below right now, you’ll get this item for only $169.99!

Dermabeam Pro – LED Therapy Mask Reviews

Next, the Pro – LED Therapy Mask is a more professional version of the previous product. It has the same features but offers more highlights that can benefit customers significantly.

Dermabeam Pro – LED Therapy Mask Reviews
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This one can produce 115 LEDs and seven different lights. They stimulate collagen in red light: reduce oily skin in green; eliminate acne bacteria in blue; improve wrinkles in pink; purple can heal acne scars; orange will reduce redness; and white will fade hyperpigmentation. 

Moreover, this dermatologist-approved pro version is painless and suits all skin types. It is made of ABS, PVC, and Silicon Gel. You can also protect your eyes from direct light thanks to the goggles inside the mask

Customers will get a 100-day warranty policy, allowing them to request a replacement once they need a change on the defective compartments. So, use it for 20 minutes daily and choose the color wisely to solve your skin issues with only one touch screen!


  • Elastic due to ABS, PVC, and Silicon Gel 
  • It offers seven lights and 115 LEDs
  • It contains a touch screen and googles protection
  • It suits all skin types and is approved by dermatologists 
  • Promotes solution to seven skin problems
  • Offers a 100-day warranty
  • Promotes easy application for 20-minutes daily

Then, if this pro version attracts your attention, please prepare a budget of $349.99. However, you can get this item for only $299.99 if you visit the link below immediately! 

How Much Does Dermabeam LED Mask Cost?

After reading the LED mask review, you need to consider the price. Hence, I’ll tell you the price range in this section. 

Fortunately, the Pro reviews tell you that the price is more affordable than other mask brands. The lowest price from this company is $11.99, a Monthly Subscription to Vitamin C Serum.

Meanwhile, you will need as much as $9.999.99 to buy the Supreme 3600W – Full Body Light Therapy. So if you don’t have much budget, you can choose the Pro LED mask with a lower price than competitors. 

Dermabeam vs. Dermabeam Pro

Both of the abovementioned reviews seem similar. But, truthfully, they have significantly different, which may benefit the buyers. So, in this Dermabeam review, I’ll write the table comparison of the two popular items! 

Dermabeam Dermabeam Pro 
  • Produces three colors
  • Results in 64 LEDs
  • Stimulates collagen, eliminates acne bacteria and reduces inflammation
  • Customers may buy this item for $199.00
  • Produces seven colors
  • Results in 115 LEDs
  • Stimulates collagen, kills acne-causing bacteria, reduces oil production, heals acne scars, reduces wrinkles, reduces inflammation, and fades hyperpigmentation.
  • You can buy this item for $299.00

Both of them are different, right? So then, which of them attracts your attention more? 

How Do You Use a Dermabeam Mask?

After knowing the brand’s products, you must learn how to use the item. Here, I’ll tell you the steps to get significant results. 

  1. First of all, ensure that the LED mask is fully charged. Commonly, it can hold up to an hour. 
  2. Then, put it nicely on your face. 
  3. Slide your finger on the on and off buttons at the right earpiece. Hold on to three seconds to turn the thing on.
  4. Afterward, choose the LED color you’d like to use
  5. Stay still for up to 20 minutes. You can do more than the recommended time, but no needs to do that. 
  6. Once the period ends, please turn off the mask and take it off. 

You may apply serum or moisturizer before using the mask. However, remember that retinol, sunscreen, and acidic oils are not recommended in the middle of therapy. 

If you have finished the process, please store it away from fires, liquids, and kids. Instead, put it inside a box to keep it safe. 

Dermabeam Pros and Cons

Now, in this Dermabeam review, you can’t skip this section because I’ll tell you the pros and cons. Here they are.

Dermabeam Pros

  • Provides light therapy for all skin types
  • Dermatologist-approved
  • Promotes three to seven LED lights
  • Provides solutions for skin inflammation 
  • Provides 100-day warranty for masks and 1 year for panels
  • Ships internationally
  • Offers free US shipping 
  • Offers refundable and replaceable products within 30 days

Dermabeam Cons

  • It doesn’t offer free shipping for international orders.

Is Dermabeam Worth to Buy?

LED mask is not a cheap product that you can purchase freely. Fortunately, Dermabeam is a worth-it company that Yanagi creates and offers affordable prices. 

In addition, the items are dermatologist-approved and backed by scientific research. You may also check the studies written on the official website. 

Not to mention that it features in many publication media and is proven by many customers. Thus, you can purchase the item and start providing evidence to solve the skin issues efficiently. 

Dermabeam Customer Reviews

Another vital factor you need to consider before purchasing an item is testimonials. If you’re curious about the Pro before and after effects, please visit the official website to see the photos.

Dermabeam Customer Reviews
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First, the company receives a 4.6/5 rating on Trustpilot. Below are the rating of the abovementioned LED therapy masks:

  • Light Therapy Mask gets a 4.5/5 rating from 42 customer reviews
  • Pro – LED Therapy Mask receives a 4.7/5 rating from 105 testimonials

The ratings are high, so here is one customer said to provide complete evidence:

My acne makes me self conscious. But, Dermabeam helped it heal after one month. Love this thing! Five stars!

This customer gives a testimonial on Light Therapy Mask and is satisfied with the result. It heals her acne, and she leaves five stars on the item!

Another customer stated:

I swear my psoriasis gets better, thanks to Dermabeam. I was skeptical at first but I looked into the clinical studies and the research is actually legit. Wow! I wish I knew this product two years ago.

This one is relieved because the product from this company helps her heal psoriasis. Although she is skeptical, the result is incredible!

You may also check the review of Pro Reddit because it may give more insights. Thus, I will conclude that Dermabeam provides the best light therapy masks excellently. As a result, many customers are satisfied with the results. 

Dermabeam Warranty Policy

The brand offers a 100-day warranty for LED masks and one year for panels. Additionally, you can request replaceable compartments on the mask products.

Meanwhile, the brand only provides refunds for the panel products. You cannot ask for a change since it is expensive. Therefore, ensure you get a suitable product and earn beneficial effects on your skin! 

How to Contact Dermabeam

I know that you wonder about the brand or products. Then, please get in touch with the team at the following steps:

The team will do its best to respond to your message. However, please wait for at least 24 hours to receive a response. Please come to the following address if you need to visit the office.

1625 Glendon Ave #4
Los Angeles, CA

Where to Buy Dermabeam

Luckily, the company offers two places to purchase its items. You can visit the official website or buy them through the Amazon marketplace. 

The brand provides complimentary shipping costs on all US orders. However, worldwide customers will be charged $50.00 to ship the package to your door. 

Kindly visit the official website and social media for further information regarding deals, discount codes, and limited promotions. 


Get to know Dermabeam

The brand answers your curiosity in the following question. 

Is Dermabeam FDA-approved?

Sadly, the items from this company have not been approved by FDA. But you can use it comfortably since it is dermatologist-approved. 


Spending a low budget to purchase an LED therapy mask is everyone’s dream. Luckily, Dermabeam makes your dream come true by launching painless and simple LED masks. 

The company ensures that it is suitable for all skin types. Moreover, it is easy to use. With only 20 minutes daily, you can get maximum results after weeks of application. Now, let’s look at your desired item and purchase it immediately! 

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