EllaOla Reviews

Holly Pan and 3 other Harvard dermatologists who are also mothers founded EllaOla in June 2020. The collaboration of these moms results in EWG-certified with USDA-Organic skincare collections

EllaOla Reviews
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This company is unique because it prioritizes science first over others. It also ensures high-quality ingredients to soothe, hydrate, and build skin barrier. Since the ingredients are clean, the product suits pregnant mothers and babies! 

In addition, the gentle formula won’t irritate your skin, even the most sensitive ones. Instead, it will hydrate more and give no opportunity for eczema to develop more. It may even hydrate over 96 hours

The company also gives back to the Homeless Program by Boston Health Care. It has been featured on Forbes, Bazaar, Glamour, BuzzFeed, and the National Eczema Association! To make it better, the Instagram followers reach over 62.2K! 

Then, let’s see how this EllaOla review will save your skin condition with its MadeSafe and NSF features. So, get prepared and move to the following section now! 

Why Shop at EllaOla?

The company collects ingredients globally, yet it manufactures every product in the USA. Thanks to Harvard dermatologists, it can create clean skincare healing for dry skin and eczema. 

Why Shop at EllaOla?
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ellaola.com https://ellaola.com

But what factors can make most customers happy, such as the picture above, after using the products? Below is the answer: 

EllaOla Highlights 

  • Moms-founded skincare company
  • Formulated by Harvard dermatologists 
  • Plant-based ingredients 
  • Manufactured without harmful ingredients 
  • USDA and EWG-certified 
  • Approved by the National Eczema Association
  • Clinically proven and fragrance-free 
  • Gentle for the skin and heal eczema 
  • Safe for pregnant moms 
  • Ships worldwide 
  • Receives many 5-star ratings from customers 

What's On EllaOla

As discussed, the company’s capability to collaborate with Harvest dermatologists is advantageous for all customers. You can purchase any products on the site containing helpful ingredients for your skin. 

What's On EllaOla
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ellaola.com https://ellaola.com

There is no basic categorization that the company offers. Yet, you will find skincare, beauty tools, and accessories. To cut the time while reading this EllaOla review, let’s focus on the 6 best-selling below: 

So, keep reading! 

EllaOla Moisturizing Baby Face Cream Reviews

Salute to the best-selling that can simultaneously hydrate your baby’s skin for 96 hours! Moisturizing Baby Face Cream features plant-based ingredients such as algae, coconut, sunflower, and grapeseed oils.

EllaOla Moisturizing Baby Face Cream Reviews
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ellaola.com https://ellaola.com

Its formula is gentle and fragrance-free, protecting the skin even from droll. Whether your baby’s skin is irritated or sensitive, this face cream will be a game-changer. 

Mommy can apply it gently on the baby’s skin before feeding and bedtime. Further, this cream is not only for babies. Instead, all ages can function in skincare to heal the skin. So, are you ready to experience a deep moisturizing on your skin? 

EllaOla Organic Bath Soak Reviews

Most mommies find it challenging to bathe their babies due to the unavailability of safe soap. Yet, say no more because you can rely on this 4-pack Organic Bath Soak. The product is handcrafted and developed by Harvard dermatologists. 

EllaOla Organic Bath Soak Reviews
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In addition, it features organic and plant-based materials such as oatmeal, coconut, mineral-rich salt, and prebiotics. Those allow your baby to have a soothing bath time. Even better, it is suitable for kids and adults! 

Since the bath soak is organic, it has a soft and biodegradable cotton texture. Thus, using it during the bath will be the most gentle application to your skin. 

EllaOla 100% Organic Baby Massage Oil Reviews

Besides cream, you can’t forget to apply this 100% Organic Baby Massage Oil to your kids. It is a lifesaver because it can heal irritated skin and dryness. Furthermore, the clinical test results will hydrate for 72 hours nonstop

EllaOla 100% Organic Baby Massage Oil Reviews
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ellaola.com https://ellaola.com

This fragrance-free oil receives a certificate from USDA Organics due to the 6 organic oils, including argan, jojoba, coconut, sunflower, grapeseed, and avocado. Moreover, the oil is non-greasy but lightweight and absorbs quickly

Mommies can apply it gently on the baby’s skin after bathing and before bedtime. Let it absorb to the deepest skin and give a moisturizing effect. 

EllaOla Hydrating Baby Lotion Reviews

Message oil oily is moisturizing. But you can continue the skincare routine by applying this Hydrating Baby Lotion made of a non-greasy formula. It is fragrance-free and contains plant-based ingredients such as algae and jojoba oil. 

EllaOla Hydrating Baby Lotion Reviews
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ellaola.com https://ellaola.com

Since pediatric dermatologists develop it, the product is extra gentle to soften your baby’s skin. Furthermore, the main function of this lotion is to restore the skin barrier and get rid of dryness and irritation. 

If you own the previously discussed product, you can use it after the oil. If not, apply it to your baby’s skin after bathing and let the lotion moisturize for 96 hours

EllaOla Nourishing Belly Oil Reviews

Who says that a pregnant mother can’t do a skincare routine? In contrast, EllaOla recommends applying Nourishing Belly Oil to your body with a circular move twice daily. Even though the name is belly oil, you can use it all over your body parts, even the face! 

EllaOla Nourishing Belly Oil Reviews
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ellaola.com https://ellaola.com

Pregnant mommies must use the oil for at least 3 months to see the result. You may also apply the oil during pregnancy and after postpartum because dermatologists and OBGYNs have developed it to reduce stretch marks

The 15 organic natural plant-based oils will solve uneven skin tone, aging, and dryness. Even better, the oil can absorb quickly to your skin. So, are you ready to care for your skin during pregnancy and after giving birth? 

EllaOla Essential Eczema Care Bundle Reviews

Lucky you, the company offers an Essential Eczema Care Bundle that can help you save money. This set features 4 products helpful for sensitive skin. The main function of this package is to nourish and calm irritation. 

EllaOla Essential Eczema Care Bundle Reviews
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ellaola.com https://ellaola.com

First, start bathing with Organic Bath Soak, featuring oatmeal to calm your body. Move to the lightweight and non-greasy 100% Organic Baby Massage Oil

Once finished, apply the Hydrating Baby Lotion to moisturize your skin for 96 hours. Lastly, use the Moisturizing Baby Face Cream on your face. Then, you are ready to go! 

EllaOla vs Tubby Todd

On the market, EllaOla has many competitors, such as Tubby Todd. Aren’t you curious about the differences between the two? Here we go! 

EllaOla Tubby Todd
  • EWG-certified
  • Fragrance-free
  • Formulated by Harvard pediatric dermatologists 
  • Sells through marketplace and offline retailers
  • Ships worldwide 
  • Free contiguous US shipping for purchases over $50
  • No certification by EWG
  • Contains natural fragrance 
  • Tested by pediatrician and dermatologist 
  • Only available on the official website 
  • Only ships to the US and Canada
  • Free contiguous US shipping for orders over $55

EllaOla Pricing

EllaOla Discount Code & Promo Code

The company wants to ease your shopping routine by offering a monthly subscription. This program will give you a 15% discount for whatever product you purchase. What about the price for a one-time purchase? Here is the difference: 

  One-Time Purchase Subscribe and Save
Moisturizing Baby Face Cream $36.00 $30.60
Organic Bath Soak $22.00 $18.70
100% Organic Baby Massage Oil $30.00 $25.50
Hydrating Baby Lotion $35.00 $29.75
Nourishing Belly Oil $36.00 $30.60
Essential Eczema Care Bundle $120.00 $102.00

Not only the subscription, you may also get another deal through the following list: 

  • Subscribe to the official website for special sales and coupon code
  • Use promo code WELCOME10 on your first-time order for 10% OFF
  • Sign up for SMS to enjoy 15% discount code 
  • Grab rewards by joining the Clean and Cuddly Club 
  • Give 20% OFF referral code to your friend, and get 20% OFF in return 
  • etc. 

EllaOla Pros and Cons

Feel like getting closer to the brand? What if you read the following pros and cons first? Then, let’s begin! 


  • Harvard-dermatologist formulated skincare 
  • Clean and has no harmful ingredients 
  • Safe for all ages, from babies to the elder people
  • Clinically proven and promotes hydration 
  • Sells on official website, marketplace, and offline suppliers 
  • Ships internationally 
  • Complimentary contiguous US shipping fee for purchases over $50
  • 14-day return policy 


  • Product ratings are unspecified (without numbers, only stars)

EllaOla Customer Testimonials

Have you prepared your wallet? If you have spare time, read customer testimonials in this part. Then, let’s decide if you want to place an order or visit the nearby market to get your desired skincare from EllaOla! 

EllaOla Customer Testimonials
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First, here are the ratings of the abovementioned skincare for moms and babies: 

Below is one of the satisfactory testimonials: 

My son has dry skin around his eyes and forehead, and this cream is a lifesaver! It’s so moisturizing and very gentle on his skin.

This customer is thankful because the face cream is significantly helpful for her son’s dry skin. Not only is it soothing, but also the texture is gentle. 

Another one says: 

It is is amazing. I’m on second baby, and I had stretch marks and discoloration from my first-born child. When I started using this oil, it almost instantly transformed the look on my skin. Very impressed!

This mom is so impressed because her skin issue after giving birth to her first baby is removed after using the belly oil regularly. 

Simply put, EllaOla works so hard to gain people’s attention. As a result, customers’ satisfaction is proven by their high ratings and happy testimonials. 

Is EllaOla Worth It?

Well, undoubtedly, EllaOla is worth buying for all mommies and babies! Its Harvard dermatologists-developed beauty products will enhance a better skin condition. The functions are the best for all skin, even the sensitive ones. 

Is EllaOla Worth It?
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ellaola.com https://ellaola.com

Further, the certificates that the company receives are incredibly huge. This legal approval allows you to leave Reddit and trust the products thoroughly. So, when will you buy the products to experience soothing skin? 

EllaOla Store

What kind of beauty products will you buy for you and your baby? Whatever it is, we recommend purchasing from the official website because you can enjoy free shipping for orders over $55. 

In addition, you may choose another option, such as Amazon, Nordstrom, Macy’s, and other online retailers. Should you prefer live shopping, visiting Erewhon Market is also a good choice. 

EllaOla Customer Service

Wondering where you should contact customer service? Here is the contact detail: 

Please be patient while waiting for the answer because customer service may need 24-48 hours to respond. Then, avoid sending your message twice because it can postpone the reply. 


Dig deeper on EllaOla

Can’t stop your curiosity about the brand’s serums? Look no further than reading the answers below!

Who is the founder of EllaOla?

Holly Pan is the co-founder of EllaOla Brands. 

Is Ella Ola safe to use?

Absolutely! The company prioritizes science and plant-based ingredients to clean skincare for babies and older people. 

Is Ella Ola safe for babies?

Yes! The company creates gentle products to calm your baby’s skin without inflammation. 


EllaOla successfully collaborates with Harvard’s top dermatologists and OBGYNs to provide high-quality skincare for all ages. It carefully manufactures products with plant-based ingredients and prioritizes science. 

Its gentle formula won’t hurt your sensitive skin from drying or irritation. Instead, it will eliminate any problem, allowing you to moisturize your body for 96 hours. Interested in buying? Visit the official website now! 

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