MERIT Beauty Review

The uniqueness of MERIT beauty

There are dozens of makeup lines nowadays, from the high-end to the economic ones. The common makeup brands nowadays provide dozens of products, even with some more variants for each.

MERIT Beauty Review
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This surely gives more burden to the customers as they must go through dozens of products to find the right one. Yet it’s not with MERIT Beauty. Its marketing clearly explains the ten products in detail. So, customers know exactly and easily the right product they need from the brand.

Oh, you can’t doubt the popularity of MERIT Beauty, as you can see on its official Instagram account, which has 251k followers. Not only that, but it also mentioned some famous publications such as Forbes, Vogue, Allure, and InStyle.

Moreover, unlike other brands that give a heavy and bold look, the final touch of this brand is natural. If you prefer make-up that looks like you have no make-up, then this brand is definitely for you.

Now, we think that you are curious to know more about this brand; product collections, how the products work, the pros and cons, pricing, customer reviews, and many more. Take it easy. This MERIT Beauty Review has everything for you.

Why MERIT Beauty?

The main goals of the brand are the body, skin, and planet. It concerns the safety of the product for our bodies. Hence it obtains the ‘Clean at Sephora’ standard and EU compliance.

For the skin, the brand firmly believes that healthy make-up should make the skin look better even after applying them. That is why the makeup even contains healthy properties like antioxidants, vitamin B5, and plant-based squalene that are often found in skincare.

Some MERIT Beauty review also says that their skin gets better while using the make-up, this should be a valid proof that this brand is safe to use

Lastly, it cares about our planet, so it uses reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable packaging. It also gets a certification from Leaping Bunny to prove that its products are cruelty-free and vegan.

MERIT Beauty Highlights

  • 30 days return and refund
  • International shipping
  • AfterPay payment for US customers
  • Vegan products

What's On MERIT Beauty

Since its first launch, the brand only sells ten products for almost two years. Lately, it has added a new collection called The New Season Set which consists of several shades of balms/blushes. Nine shades are available to fit any skin tone people have.

Besides the new set, the most popular product of the brand is the Minimalist Perfection Complexion Stick. There were even 10000 people on the waiting list during the launch weeks. On the highest peak, one of the Minimalist Stick was sold every seventeen seconds online. Currently, twenty shades could fit more skin tones.

Don’t worry; in this MERIT Beauty Review, we especially did an in-depth review of the best-selling products that might suit your need. Thus, without further ado, let’s dive into the next section!

MERIT Beauty Shade Slick Tinted Lip Oil Review

Having a glossy finish, this lip tint contains several oils: rosehip, jojoba, and grapeseed. Those oils help to moisturize the lips as well as create a protective barrier on the surface to keep the hydration. Then the shea butter softens and gets rid of the dead cell.

MERIT Beauty Shade Slick Tinted Lip Oil Review
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With $24, people could choose eight different colors, which are mostly in calm and neutral tones that surely complement any skin tone. The MERIT Beauty review tells this is the favorite lip product of the brand. With its choice of juicy colors, the result is highly pigmented and gloss-like, minus the stickiness.

MERIT Beauty Signature Lip Lightweight Lipstick Review

If you are not a big fan of a glossy finish, the lightweight lipstick gives a more bold-yet-soft look to your lips. In other words, the finished look is sheer satin without any heaviness. Many customers add lip tint to build layers for a more saturated color.

MERIT Beauty Signature Lip Lightweight Lipstick Review
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This lightweight lipstick contains stabilized vitamins that reduce fine lines and also papain enzyme that soothes lips. Moreover, the sunflower seed and plant-derived squalene properties help to keep moisture and provide a light finish. There are eleven soft juicy colors, so choose your favorite!

With a $26 price point, you can get this excellent lightweight lipstick on your hand. Check out now!

MERIT Beauty Clean Lash Lightening Mascara Review

Ever dream of mascara without a smudge? This is the answer. The olive oil esters as the main ingredients condition the eyelashes and won’t make any clumping inside or outside the package.

MERIT Beauty Clean Lash Lightening Mascara Review
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The vitamin B5 and fatty acids add shine and lengthen the eyelashes naturally. Removing the mascara also will not cost your eyelash to fall.

All you need are just a gentle cleanser and water. No need eyelash curler as it lifts the eyelash easily. The final result gives feathery and full eyelashes. Customers from the MERIT Beauty review also claims that the mascara works well even with people who do not have natural eyelash.

Oh, you only need $26 to have this lengthening mascara on your makeup bucket.


MERIT Beauty Pros & Cons

To be a wise purchaser, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the brand you wanna buy matters. Here are some things about MERIT Beauty that you should know.

MERIT Beauty Pros

  • Real advertisement: no editing of the picture, so even if you buy it online, the color of the product will be exactly similar to the one that arrives at your home.
  • Various ideas to use the product: the brand collabs with many influencers, so you can get various in applying and combining with other makeups.
  • Simple and quick: with such a lightweight result, you can do your make-up in under five minutes since there are not many make-ups from the brand that you need to apply.
  • Free bag: for every first order, customers get the signature bag for free.

MERIT Beauty Cons

  • Limited choice for some products: some newer products are only available for light skin tones. It takes time to add more shades to the newer products.

Is MERIT makeup acne safe?

It is safe for our bodies, skin, and even the planet. Just like mentioned before, the brand cares about our health. It avoids any ingredients that may cause other problems, such as coconut oil that triggers acne.

Is MERIT makeup acne safe?
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It also works with Biba de Sousa to make the products safe for acne-prone types. For the world, it uses less virgin plastic by creating green packaging.

Is MERIT Beauty Worth It?

Of the ten products, the prices range from $24 to $38. Their prices are quite reasonable considering the quality and the result it provides. There have dozens of reviews for each product, including the affiliate or honest one, and the results are mostly awesome.

If you wish to join the natural look trend just like Hailey Bieber does, MERIT Beauty is totally worth trying.

MERIT Beauty Customer Reviews

We think knowing what customers say about the brand you want to buy is essential. Thus, this section is specially made to show you some customer reviews about the brand. All of the reviews we took from its official site which from verified customers.

MERIT Beauty Customer Reviews
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The first customer left a review for Shade Slick Tinted Lip Oil which makes her happy with the natural look she can get with it.

This was my first lip oil buy and I’m so delighted with it. The color is great for a natural look and it makes my lips moisturizing. I have shades pink beet and taupe and love them both, they go on nice, feel good on, and have a nice subtle color to them.

Another review is for Signature Lip Lightweight Lipstick which is also delighted with the natural shade it has.

Lasts for long time and the Baby color is a nice natural look that goes well with many things that I wear. Will always be carrying this one!

Basically, most customers are happy with their purchase as it fulfills their expectations about beauty on their way.

MERIT Beauty Customer Service

If you have any inquiries regarding your order, the brand’s customer service team is available to help you. Get in touch with them through one of these ways:

All of your messages will be responded to 24-48 during business hours which is on Monday – Friday from 9 am – 5 pm PST.

Where To Buy MERIT Beauty

It’s easy to find Merit Beauty products as it sells on the marketplace, such as Kohl’s and Sephora. But we recommend you make a purchase through its official site since it has complete collections to choose from.

Moreover, you can also get a special price if you have a discount code before checkout your products.


The following are some frequently asked questions about Merit Beauty that might help answer your curiosity.

Who is Merit Beauty owned by?

This cosmetic brand was founded in 2021 by Katherine Power.

Is Merit Beauty actually clean?

The brand states that they only use non-toxic ingredients which are lab-created and natural. Thus, we can say that all of the products are clean.

Is Merit Beauty good for oily skin?

Since it comes with non-greasy formula, it’s great for oily skin.


Lately, the brand has opened its new branch in the U.K. Sooner or later, there might be more branches around the world. Due to its true and gorgeous results as well as the massive positive MERIT Beauty review, the brand keeps flourishing.

Since it’s getting more popular, some products are often sold out in some countries. So to get you one, hurry up and order now.

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